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What is a legacy video?

What is a legacy video?

What is a legacy video?

Legacy video
Legacy videos preserve and pass on important life stories or family history.

Make your past a present for the future

A legacy video is a keepsake of your loved ones sharing their favourite stories, memories or family history. 

While recording these memories, you’ll also capture forever your loved one’s voices, facial expressions and laughter to share with your family.

As the name suggests, legacy videos are usually purchased as gifts from an ancestor to preserve family history, then passed down to children and grandchildren.  They are family keepsakes – keeping the vision and sound of your loved ones and their stories alive.

No medium has more impact than motion film – enabling stories to be told in a compelling way with creative and entertaining vision.  Words cannot convey what a video can.  

Video is the latest and most popular technology and is predicted to be in the future.  You can easily watch videos now through a range of devices, including your TV, computer or mobile phone.

Why make a legacy life story video?

Everyone has stories to tell

Everyone has unique stories just waiting to be told.   As American author Mark Twain said: 

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside the dullest exterior, there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy”. 

But time flies so quickly and we often miss the chance to capture our stories.

When I tell people about Life and Times Video and why I started my family video production company, everyone says what a great idea.  And then they say, I wish I had captured my parent’s, or grandparent’s stories before they died.  

So it’s really important to tell your stories while you can before time whizzes by.

Three reasons to tell your life stories

Here are three reasons to tell your life stories.  But there are plenty more.  Rather than leave it to chance, define your own legacy.  Create your own life stories and preserve your funny stories, embarrassing moments, unforgettable or cherished times.

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Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer

Yarn of the Year

Hi, I’m Cindy – Life and Times video producer.

You are invited to submit your stories to publish on my blog.  Each month I will feature the best stories – like a ‘memoir of the month’.

Each year we will select a Yarn of the Year based on comments and views.

Your stories can be as short or long as you like, as long as it fits the description outlined on the Storytelling page. 

Send your stories in via the on-line form on the Storytelling page, or email me at if you wish to include any photos or video content.     


Just as photographs fade over time, your memories can, too.  As you get older, your health may impact your ability to document your past.


You probably do not realise it, but people closest to you are genuinely interested in learning about your past. And future generations will benefit from the details and experiences shared in your life story.


How do you want to be remembered? Will you become a forgotten face in an old photograph? Or do you want to take action now to preserve your beliefs, values and wisdom?

Legacy video styles

Legacy video are gifts that just keep on giving as they stay in the family for generations.  They come in many styles.   But you can tell your own story any way you like.  After all, it is yours.


Capture one’s family’s journey in life.  Firstly, Life Stories honor the events and people that shaped them.  Secondly, they are usually documentaries with long interviews.   But my videos are usually shorter, fun, and more creative.


Achievement videos celebrate your successes in life.  These can be academic, sporting, your hobbies or things that you love or took great pride in.  You can create these videos at any stage in your life.


Testimonial videos recognise someone special.  You can show your appreciation for a family member’s contribution to you, your children, your parents or grandparents.


Tribute videos acknowledge someone’s love and support.  Often family members chip in to buy these videos as a present for a coming special milestone or occasion, where you can show them to those who attend.


Reflection videos (also known as “posthumous stories”) recreate memories of a loved one after they die.  You can reflect on people’s characters and key moments in their life – weaving in old photos, family films, interviews and their favourite music.

Legacy videos - the gift that keeps on giving

Because legacy videos are for an entire family, family members will often chip in as a shared gift to their parents, grandparents or other people special in their lives to split the costs.  

The more people contributing to the gift brings down the individual costs.

Legacy videos are gifts that keep on giving as they are family keepsakes and will keep the vision and sound of your loved ones and their stories alive for generations to come.

want to make your own legacy video?

If you are interested in making your own legacy video, then check out some examples on my website – See My Work

Get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss ideas for your story. 

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What is a legacy video?




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