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Legacy storytelling - Tell your tale

Share your life stories on my blog, or read and comment on other posts

Do you love storytelling?  So do I.  

My blog is for legacy stories about life, family history, or things that fascinate or amuse us.   Anyone is welcome to submit their stories on my blog for consideration – skilled guest-post bloggers, as well as blog readers.

The blog will feature interesting stories I experiences through my job, submissions from readers and snippets from customers who wish to tell their tales. 

It will also include Life Stories and family history with tips to help people write, research and capture family history and any other-related topics.

Everybody has a unique story.  Through stories, we can pass down vital information from generation to generation.  And in the short term, they help us recall important information more easily.  Not only has storytelling helped groups survive, it has helped individuals as well.

Send in your stories even if you are not an experienced writer.  If your writing needs any editing for clarity, I will make some changes and get your nod before posting anything.

Life and Times storytelling
Storytelling links us to the past and provides a glimpse into our future.

Why legacy storytelling is so important

Storytelling is important to us all, as it connects us to our humanity. Stories link us to our past and provide a glimpse into our future. 

Humans have told stories since they first walked the earth.  And even before the written word or oral language – through cave drawings and over fires, humans have told stories as a way to shape our existence.


Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer

Memoir of the month

Hi, I’m Cindy – Life and Times video producer.

You are invited to submit your story to publish on my blog.  Each month I will feature the best stories – like a ‘memoir of the month’.

The stories can be as short or long as you like, as long as it fits the description outlined on this page. 

Send your stories in via the on-line form  below, or email me at if you wish to include any photos or video content.     

To view our blog, click on the View My Blog or via the main menu.

To request a regular feed of stories to your inbox as they are published, click on the “Subscribe” button on the blog.

Why tell your story

Your Life Story protects your memories
Just as photographs fade over time, your memories can, too.  Capture them now while you can.  As you get older, your health may impact your ability to document your past.

Your Life Story benefits others
You probably do not realise it, but people closest to you are genuinely interested in learning about your past. And future generations will benefit from the details and experiences shared in your life story. 

Your Life Story defines your legacy
How do you want to be remembered?  Will you become a forgotten face in an old photograph? Or do you want to take action now to preserve your beliefs, values and wisdom? 

Submit your legacy stories here

Submit your story

If you wish to attach any documents, email them to

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."