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Life and Times  Video specialise in short, entertaining cinematic style family films.  We offer a range of affordable family video packages suitable for all ages.  

The elderly want to preserve their stories and family history.  But young modern families are now capturing their precious time capsules on video.  And others want to get candid shots of or pay tribute to their love stories.

People’s stories should be preserved to share at important milestones in life.  And our life films make a unique gift for someone special in your life.   All options on offer provide great entertainment and a backdrop for special occasions.  

We’ll guide you through the process, but encourage you to come up with your own story ideas.  We love working with people to create unique productions. No two videos are the same!  So check out our most popular family video packages now. 

Popular family video packages


Capture life’s precious moments on video
Video time capsules of your family’s journey in life.  Share your love story, how you met, when you got married.  Or watch your children’s development from birth through to becoming adults. Look back on your family holiday snaps, precious family moments and your children’s dreams for the future.

Take a snapshot before life changes and re-live these memories anytime, anywhere, and for generations to come.

Family time capsule videos
Planning a family legacy video


Protect your memories, preserve your stories or your legacy 

Capture your life story, your achievements, or those of your parents or grandparents.  Honor the events and people who helped shape your lives.  Everyone has a unique life story just waiting to be told.  But time flies so quickly we often miss the chance.  So don’t wait.  Tell your story now.

Define your legacy and  preserve your beliefs, values and wisdom for future generations.

FAMILY history videos

Preserve your family’s history 

Gift your children and grandchildren a video of your family history.  Where you were born, your parents and grandparents, and pass on  their treasured stories and memories.  How special it is to capture their moving vision and sound forever.  

What an amazing family gift this would be to pass onto generations to come.  Your parents will thank you now and your children will thank you later.

Family history package
Family event videos


Celebrate and capture family occasions on film.
Make sure you enjoy special family occasions without being the one stuck behind the camera – events like birthdays, performances, graduations and family reunions.   Relax and have fun and let Life and Times Video capture the most important and heart touching moments of the day.
We can film family events live, or recreate these celebrations with your  footage and layer in interviews, your photos and favourite music.


Surprise your loved ones with a Tribute Video
Celebrate a life with a Tribute Video.  Tribute videos express sentiments, love and appreciation for someone special in your life.  They show the impact they have had on you and you get to share your favourite memories about them.  

A unique gift to present to someone on a special occasion.

Tributes package
Family montage video editing


You shoot it and we edit it, turning your family photos and videos into an entertaining cinematic style film

Make a montage of your favourite photos and videos that you recorded yourself,.  Let Life and Times Video review your footage and edit together a fun, entertaining and moving montage video for you.  Did you make too many films on your last holiday or are you tired of looking for your favourite photo’s or videos.

Let me distill and preserve your family’s fondest memories into a compelling short video.  


Create you own video – about you
Treat yourself and make a film about you – so you can remember what you were like and your favourite memories.  Include those most important relationships in your life and happiest times.  And have fun filming with your family and friends.

Re-live your favourite memories and share them with your family and friends.

Personal memoirs video
Reflection videos

reflection videos

Recreate memories of a lost loved one 
Reflection, or posthumous videos, recreate the past of someone dear to you who has died – reflecting on their character and key moments in life.  Weave in old photos, family films, their favourite music with interviews of family and friends.

Play this video on birthday’s and anniversaries  before your memories fade.

How to plan your life story video

Life and Times  videos usually go for around 15 minutes.  But Tribute videos can be shorter in duration and others longer if several people are involved.

Once you select your package, we will plan your Life Film together.  During the Legacy video production process, we will learn about you, your family or friend’s lives through in-depth interviews.  We then craft the film with the most compelling stories, entertaining photos and music.

For each video you get a USB in a professional keepsake pack – plus an online link to share with others.  These can be viewed on your TV, computer, iPad and smartphone.  Each participant will also receive a Life and Times branded USB. 

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