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Life story videos are a popular package featuring a person’s life, family history, achievements, or favourite memories.  They honor the events and people that shaped them – either yourself, a family member or close friend.  

If you have ever seen the American sitcom “How I met your mother”, that is an example of a life story where the main actor Ted is sharing his with his children.

You do not need to be a celebrity to make one.  You may wish to capture your life story to protect your memories, preserve your stories or your legacy.  

You probably do not realise it, but people closest to you are genuinely interested in learning about your past. And future generations will benefit from the details and experiences shared in your life story.

Everybody has a unique story just waiting to tell.

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Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family history videos and I have heaps of experience from the tv and advertising industry.  I help people capture their family memories and stories on video to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Now I’m ready to tell your story.

Life and Times Life Story videos

My life story videos are entertaining, fun cinematic style films.  They usually go for around 15 minutes, but it’s up to you.   I also create full life documentaries.

Once you decide to make a video, I’ll meet with you to discuss your aim and ideas for your life story video, which we will plan together.   Through in-depth interviews I’ll then get to know you more, your family or friends.

During the interviews I’ll tease out the most compelling parts.  Then I will craft the film with the most compelling stories, entertaining photos and music and create for you an impressive video using the latest equipment and editing software.  

You and your family will cherish this keepsake and enjoy it now and pass it on to your family and close friends for the future.

It is your life story video, so you can share it with whoever you like.  Check out a client sample video.

My Life Story video package features...


These will be held in a place where you feel comfortable.  Our interview be relaxing and flow like a casual conversation.  You can include your family members or friends who have helped shaped your life.


Generally I’ll film in two places – at your home and favourite place.  But shooting can be arranged anywhere within the metropolitan area.  The kitchen is often a favourite place, or the outside shed for men. 


I’ll get you to dig out your favourite family or historical photos or videos, which I will weave into the video with the interviews and location shots. 


You can choose the music, or  you can leave it up to us.  There are no extra costs for family videos, unless you intend to feature your video publicly for commercial purposes.

keepsake usb

For each video you will get a USB in a professional keepsake pack – plus an online link to share with others.  These can be viewed on your TV, computer, iPad and smartphone.  Each participant will also receive a Life and Times branded USB. 

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside the dullest exterior, there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy”
Mark Twain
Mark Twain
American Writer

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