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Life film samples and testimonials

Life film samples

This Family Time Capsule video was filmed at a time when the eldest children were completing university and travelling abroad.  It was possibly the last time the whole family will live together, so it was special to capture this snapshot and the three children’s dreams for the future.

Duration 4 minutes

Dutchman Leo shared his life story as a gift for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  It features dozens of incredible untold stories during World War II – from a child’s perspective.

Duration 9 minutes

Click here to view the entire documentary.

In this video, University student Bella reflects on her school art project. She painted a portrait of her grandmother, who sadly passed away recently – as a memory of her for the whole family.

Duration 2 minutes

Home video editing samples

This travel and holiday touring Tasmania was shot by the travelling couple with an iPhone, then edited and crafted into a compelling Montage Video by Life and Times Video.

Duration 5 minutes

Using still photos, this montage features the couple’s photos  from the Tasmanian trip featured above.

Duration 4 minutes

Using still photos, this montage video features the life so far of a young couple’s son Cohen.

Duration 3 minutes

Life film testimonials

“Cindy was able to provide and capture on video a moment in time for our family.  And that was just priceless.  It was a significant time for us while all the family were still living together – a time we are never going to get back.  And now, we have this family video that we will look back on forever.  That’s a very beautiful gift.”  Geniene

Duration 1 minute

“I’ve really been so thankful to be able to capture this stage in our lives on video.  In hindsight, I would have loved to have filmed the children before as they were growing up to reflect on all of those memories.”  Ramon

Duration 1 minute

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