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About Legacy videos

If you have any questions about legacy videos, then check out the answers below. 

What is a Legacy Video?

A legacy video is a keepsake of your loved ones sharing their favourite stories, memories or family history. While recording these memories, you’ll also capture forever your loved one’s voices, facial expressions and laughter to share with your family.  Cindy Siano Life and Times videos cover family milestones, life stories, tributes, celebrations and more.

As the name suggests, legacy videos are usually purchased as gifts from an ancestor to preserve family history, then passed down to children and grandchildren.  

They are family keepsakes – keeping the vision and sound of your loved ones and their stories alive.

Legacy video questions
Legacy video questions

legacy video questions

To preserve life stories and family history. Just as photos fade over time, your memories can, too. Capture them now while you can. As you get older, ill health may stop you from recording your past.  They also benefit others. You may not realise it, but people close to you are genuinely interested in you and your past. And future generations will benefit from your life story and experiences shared. Also, you may wish to define you own legacy – rather than being remembered? Will you become a forgotten face in an old photograph? Maybe you want to preserve your beliefs, values and wisdom.

Legacy videos are for anyone and any age – not just for older people. Our clients include young families capturing precious milestones in their lives.  The elders love to share wonderful stories about their ancestors and own journeys. Others wish to pay tribute to someone special, or celebrate their achievements or capture their favourite memories.  But as the name suggests, “legacy” videos are usually purchased as gifts from an ancestor to preserve family history, then passed down to children and grandchildren.  

No medium has more impact than motion film – enabling stories to be told in a compelling way with creative and entertaining vision.  Words cannot convey what a video can.  Film not only enables you to capture your loved ones’ stories, but also their voices, smiles, laughs and gestures.  Video is the latest and most popular technology and is predicted to be in the future.  Most people now have smart phones or watch videos through a variety of devices.

Capturing stories is a great thing – whether it is on film, orally, or in writing.  Going through a video company will ensure the final product is professional, creative and entertaining.  It will be a valuable keepsake for you to pass onto generations to come.

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