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Legacy video costs

Video prices to meet your needs

Legacy video costs will vary depending on the Life & Times Video package you choose.   Prices can start from $50 for a Still Montage Video and around $300 for our Tributes gift package.  

But just as you decide your budget on a holiday or other purchase, we will discuss your spend before we get started.

Each story and video is individual.  So legacy video prices will be based on the duration of filming, number of people interviewed, travel and editing times, and final length of your video.  

For example, for a simple slide show (using still images) to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, our editing rate is $40 per hour, so 50 slides backed to a 5 minute song of your choice would cost around $200.  For tribute videos and life stories (moving footage and images), editing is $60 per hour.

If you are interested in creating your own Legacy, Holiday or Travel Video and want a rough estimate of the cost, then call me to discuss your ideas.

Legacy video planning and costs
Legacy video costs - Call me for a ball park figure

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I can capture yours in a few hours and deliver your Life Story video in weeks.


Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family videos and I have heaps of experience from the tv and advertising industry.  I help people capture their family memories and stories on video to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Now I’m ready to tell your story.

Ball park price

Once you outline your story idea I can give you a quick ball park price.  Then after we plan your video in more detail, I will calculate the cost and give you a fixed quote. 

Yes, unlike on line video editing services, I will speak to you personally before we start so I clearly under what you want.

For Legacy videos, prices are set based on hours for filming, the number and location of shoots, length of the film and number of photos included to the music of your choice.  Quotes will include two edits, a keepsake presentation pack and one USB.  But if you want more, I will discuss any price increases before proceeding.

If you have your heart set on a specific video package but can’t afford the price, there are ways to bring down the price to meet your budget.  For example, we can reduce costs by limiting interviews, the number of people involved, number of photos and length of the video.

Shared family gifts

Often families will chip in as a shared gift to their parents, grandparents or other people special in their lives to split the costs.  The same applies to Tribute Videos recognising someone for their love and support, which brings down the individual costs.

Gift certificates are available.

If you choose to work with me, you will be paying for my years of filming experience, creativity, and passion for storytelling.  Having worked in tv and advertising, I have many skills including: directing film shoots, script writing and screen-testing.  I have also sourced props, managed clients and, on occasions, done make-up for cast members.

"Often people chip in on Tribute Videos to recognise someone for their love and outstanding support, bringing individual costs down."

Cost outline

The price I quote for your job will allow for:

  • Number of home visits and filming locations
  • Interview time (depending on package and number of people involved)
  • Filming location/s
  • Edited film (duration and number of editing rounds)
  • Number of photos or videos supplied by clients for inclusion
  • USB keepsake and gift pack (for the main client and other participants of your choice).


Once we agree on the scope, you will get a fixed price.  So you won’t get any nasty surprises. 

All quotes are valid for 30 days from given date.  Planning for your story will begin once I receive a 10% deposit.  Then full payment will be required within 14 days after the final video is delivered to you.