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Great legacy gift ideas for all occasions

Legacy video gifts just keep on giving

Running out of gift ideas for your family?  Sick and tired of buying the same old things each year?

Have you thought about buying a Legacy Video for all of you to enjoy now and pass onto generations to come.

Legacy videos are personal documentaries on motion film. They highlight one’s stories and successes and are known as “legacy” videos as they are usually purchased as gifts from an ancestor to preserve family history, then passed down to children and grandchildren.  

They are family keepsakes – keeping the vision and sound of your loved ones and their stories alive.

Legacy video gifts just keep on giving.  They come in many stylesBut you can tell your own story any way you like.  After all, it is yours.

Check out suitable Legacy Video gift ideas below.

Surprise legacy video gift
Surprise legacy video gift

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CIndy Siano Life and Times Video

Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family videos and I have heaps of experience from the tv and advertising industry.  I help people capture their family memories and stories on video to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Now I’m ready to tell your story.

Unique legacy gift options


Capture one’s family’s journey in life.  Firstly, Life Stories honor the events and people that shaped them.  Secondly, they are usually documentaries with long interviews.   But my videos are usually shorter, fun, and more creative.


Acknowledge someone’s love and support.  Chip in to buy a Tribute video as a present.  They make the perfect gift for coming special milestones or occasions, where you can show them.

posthumous stories

Recreate memories of a loved one after they die.  Here I reflect on people’s character and key moments in life. I also weave in old photos, family films, interviews and their favourite music.

Buy a present that stays in the family for generations

Because legacy videos are for an entire family, family members will often chip in as a shared gift to their parents, grandparents or other people special in their lives to split the costs. 

The same applies to Tribute Videos recognising someone for their love and support, which brings down the individual costs.

Legacy gift certificates are also available.

Prices will vary depending on the Life & Times Video  package you choose. 

So if you are interested in creating your own Life Story video and want a rough estimate of the cost, then call me to discuss your ideas.

Gift certificates are available and often families share the costs.