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Turn your own shots into a cinematic film

Make a montage video to capture your favourite memories

Are your favourite photos and videos still buried in your computer or phone – unsorted, unseen and unshared?  

Have you just returned to work after a special holiday and don’t have the time to wade through the hours of videos or hundreds of photos that you shot?

Let Life and Times Video review your footage and edit together a fun, entertaining cinematic style film for you.  

Put simply, you provide your home videos and photos, then I create for you a short video capturing your favourite moments.  





Turn your baby photos, wedding pictures or holiday snaps into a creative video story that brings your memories back to life.

Watch them through your phone, TV or other devices anytime and anywhere.

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Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family and home videos and I have heaps of experience from the tv and advertising industry.  I help people capture their family time capsules, favourite photos and stories on video to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Now I’m ready to preserve your precious moments.

Home video editing process

Either you can select what you want or send me a selection of shots and I will review the material and select the most compelling parts to tell your story. 

Unlike online video editing services, I will speak directly with you throughout the process to ensure that we create a moving and memorable video.   Together we will create something special that you will love to share with your family and friends.

Life and Times Video is based in Perth. But I provide home video editing services across Australia.  

For my clients I also keep backups of the videos I create for you, in case you delete them accidentally, misplace them when you move houses, or simply can’t remember where you stored copies.

Don’t let all the magical moments your family has created through life be forgotten.  

Create a family montage video to watch anytime, anywhere and to share with generations to come.

Family video editing service
Home video editing - Create a montage of your favourite photos and videos.

How to create your own montage video?

The process starts once you contact us and decide to create your own montage video.  We will go through the options together and provide a quote.   Once you agree on the scope of your video project, we will go though these steps…


Together we will develop a brief outlining what you want.  Depending on the size of your project, we can meet to start planning or arrange this over the phone and email if you live outside of the Perth metropolitan area.  

If you are about to go on holidays, contact me first so I can give you some tips to enhance the quality of your video.


I’ll get you to send me your favourite family or historical photos or videos online, which I will weave into the video with any interviews or voice overs. 


You can choose the background music, or  you can leave it up to us.  There are no extra costs for family videos, unless you intend to feature your video publicly for commercial purposes.

video editing

We will then find the most compelling moments and weave together the photos and music.  The style will follow your brief and you will get to review the video and suggest any changes.

the final product

For each video you will get a USB in a professional keepsake pack – plus an online link to share with others.  These can be viewed on your TV, computer, iPad and smartphone.  

"Movie-making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal."

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