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Family video services

Family video services

Turn your own shots into a compelling video

I specialise in family videos, servicing families across Australia – depending on the video style you want.

My services cover all types of family video productions, live filming at special family events, or editing your own shots.

Let me produce for you a short entertaining cinematic style film featuring the vision and sound of your loved ones – to watch anywhere and anytime you want to relive your favourite memories.



Create your own family time capsules (snapshots as your family grow), legacy videos (life stories, family histories, testimonials and more).


Celebrate and capture special family events on video
 (like anniversaries, birthdays, and family reunions).  
Maybe you also want  produce your own video to screen at this event?


Simply, you film it, then we edit it.  Let me create for you a special home video from your family events, holiday and travel shots. You’ll be amazed at the final product  – either a film or still photo montages

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Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family home videos and I have heaps of experience from the tv and advertising industry, to create for you a compelling film.  I help people capture their family memories and stories on video to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Now I’m ready to tell your story.

Affordable family video options

Are your shots still buried in a folder on your computer or on your phone – UNSEEN or UNSHARED with friends and family? 

Want to view your favourite photos or videos whenever you feel like going down memory lane?

Or maybe you just returned from a family holiday and took hundreds of photos and hour of video footage and  you don’t have the time to wade through these shots and create your own presentation.

So that’s where I come in – to save you time.  But also to bring your favourite memories to life through motion pictures.  Through the latest technology, you can now easily watch videos anytime, anywhere through a range of devices.

simply, there are three options...

You send us your photos and we will create for you a Still Photo Montage Video.  Still Montage Videos are great for baby photos, a timeline of the children growing up, or making a professional slide show of your favourite memories crammed into a short film.

You send us your photos and videos and we’ll create a compelling Montage Video for you.   Video Montages are perfect for travel and holiday shots, special events and any film you have buried in your computer or phone that you want to bring to life.

We film and interview you on location, with your family and friends, and create a Feature Video for you blending in our footage, your shots and your favourite music.  Life stories, family history and testimonials are best shot using this way to give your story the recognition it deserves.

Make your past a present for the future

Family time capsules

Video your family’s journey in life. Share your love story, how you met, when you got married. Or watch your children’s development from birth through to becoming adults.

Family legacy videos

Protect your memories, preserve your stories or your legacy.  Capture your life story, your achievements, or those of your parents or grandparents. Don’t wait.  Tell your story now.

Family event videos
Family event videos

Celebrate and capture family occasions on film –  Enjoy special family events without being the one stuck behind the camera – events like birthdays, performances, or family reunions.

HOME video editing

Turn your family photos and videos into an entertaining cinematic style film. Make a Montage Video of your favourite family shots, holidays or memories.

More family video styles