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The most successful racers in the history of the Australian Motocross Championships (by class)

Since the new website was established in late July 2020, the site has received more than 150,000 views – increasing to up to 30,000 views in January.

In February, the Australian Motocross History website released a new documentary on the King of the Cross International and National motocross spectacular in the 1970-80s.   Already, the documentary is the most popular release on this site and the webpage is the overall second most viewed – behind the Australian Motocross Legends.

Thank you everyone for your support and the nice feedback, including past winners of the event – Stephen Gall, Vaughan Style and Graeme Smythe, Bob Couzens (Event promoter) and the Southern Cross Motorcycle Club.

This month AMX History will unveil a series of posters and blog pages on the Most Successful Racers in the Australian Motocross Championships, by class.

Back in 2011, Dirt Bike Action magazine ran a feature story titled Home-grown heroes.  It took a look at the history of Australian Motocross and published a Top 20 list of the most successful racers in the history of the Australian Championships, based on the top three overall results in each class.

Thanks to your support, we now have a complete list of all Australian Motocross Champions and have updated the Most Successful Racer’s List from the very first Australian Championship in 1953 up to today. 

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John Steyntjes
AMH History Author

Last month the Australian Motocross History website released a documentary on the famous King of the Cross  Motocross spectacular.  Check out this 3M trailer.

To see the full documentary, event report, photos, videos and programs, go to this page.

Stephen Gall endorsement - King of the Cross history video (large)
AMXH Australian Motocross Champions List - Poster - All classes

This month  AMX History will  start releasing  a series of posters and Blog pages on the Top 20 Most Successful Racers in the Australian Motocross Championships, by class.

About the Australian Motocross history website

This webpage has been established to preserve the history of  Australian Motocross.

It’s aim is to honour and recognise past champions, placegetters and all riders who competed in the Australian Motocross Championships.

Many riders dedicated their lives to the sport over the years, travelling thousands of kilometers – striving for success and the right to be crowned the Nation’s (or State’s) Number One rider.

The Australian Motocross History webpage features the All Time Greats and includes results dating back to the first official Australian Championships in 1953.

We now have a complete list of all the winners, but there are still some gaps in the placings (particularly with the Western Australian History), so let’s strive to up-date this information together.

You’re also invited to contribute content to this site for current and past riders and motocross enthusiasts to enjoy.

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New Blog Pages

Emil's miniature EML sidecar model

See full report, photo gallery and John Turner’s summary of how he made the model.

Model Emil Bollhalder's EML

Emil Bollhalder’s EML sidecarcross model, built by John Turner to 1/4 scale

John Turner presents the EML model to Emil Bollhalder

John Turner presents the EML model to Emil Bollhalder in Switzerland in 1986

1955 Peter Nicol wins the Unlimited Australian Championship on a BSA

Australian Motocross Legend Peter Nicol

See Peter’s motocross career highlights, photos and key achievements.

Peter Nicol takes the chequered flag to win the Unlimited Australian Championship on a BSA in 1955 at the Rope Works circuit in Perth, WA.

1981 Australian Motocross Championships

See race report, video gallery, unseen photos in a new gallery  (by Ivan Fisher) and the event program.

125cc class at the 1981 Australian Motocross Championships - his first in senior ranks

Jeff Leisk (WA, Honda) wins first senior Australian Motocross Championship in the 125cc class

2M Trailer from the 1981 Australian Motocross Championships in Symmons Plains, Tasmania. 
This page features videos of each class contested.

Blasts from the past

This section features your latest contribtions, favourite videos and stories, plus website updates

Most popular video in FEBRUARY

King of the Cross documentary 3M trailer
This trailer for the King of the Cross documentary was the most popular video on social media in February.  It features the history of the event, the early pioneers of the Southern Cross Motor Cycle Club and some of event promoter Bob Couzen’s favourite memories.


King of the Cross documentary
Last month, AMX History released this documentary on the history of the King of the Cross Motocross Spectacular, which was staged in the 1970-80s. It features International and National riders, race videos and photos preserving the memories of this event, which became the Bathurst of Motocross.

favorite stories
Australian Motocross Champion Dave Basham in action

David Basham – South Australia’s greatest ever motocross rider 
This story on social media on David Basham from South Australia was the most popular in February.  Dave won more Australian Motocross Championships than any other “croweater”, winning four National titles between 1968 and 1973 and a host of placings.   In 1963 he raced in Europe and on return he became one of Australia’s top motocross riders.

your contributions
Couzens - When the flag drops the bullshit stops

New photo gallery from the King of the Cross
King of the Cross event organiser and race-day Clerk of Course Bob Couzens (pictured here at the riders meeting) has donated a heap of photos, programs and videos to the AMX History website, which will be gradually released throughout the year. Bob was a colourful character and, for each event, he would dress up in a different costume. 

Australian Motocross History - Website Updates

King of the Cross Winner - Vaughan Style

Vaughan Style  (NSW), one of the  winners featured in the new King of the Cross  webpage, which includes the event history, photo and video galleries, winners, visiting riders and event programs.

Ray Fisher - Grasstrack racing Teterow East Germany - Winner's presentation

Victorian rider Ray Fisher was recently added to the Australian Motocross Legends.  Incredibly, in 1963 he won the famous International Grasstrack meeting in Teterow, East Germany in front of more than 100,000 spectators

The Fanderlinden brothers, Wayne and Dean, cross the creek at Symmons Plains

Last month a new webpage on the 1981 Australian Motocross Championships was added featuring unseen photo’s by Ivan Fisher, videos of each event and the race results

Australian Motocross Champions

Australian Motocross Champion Jeff Leisk

West Australian Jeff Leisk is was the first Australian rider to win a World  Motocross Grand Prix  and in 1989 he was the runner-up World 500 motocross champion.  He competed during  the 1970’s to 1990’s and won a Junior World Championship in 1978 at age 13.  He twice won the prestigious National Mr Motocross  series before he headed over to  the US and Europe, opening the door  for other Australians.  He also won eight Australian Championships, including all classes at Mackay, Queensland in 1988.

Top International Australian competitors Jeff Leisk, Chad Reed and Andrew McFarlane picked up many Australian Motocross Championships between the 1980s and 2010.  

They would have won more championships had they remained in Australia.  The same applies to ‘all-time great’ Gary Flood who won eight Australian Titles while also racing scrambles and pursuing an International solo speedway career in England. 

The 1970s through to the early ’90s were possibly the ‘Golden era’ of Motorcycling in Australia peaking with the World Motocross des Nations, World 125cc Grand Prix being held in Manjimup, Western Australia in ’92 and ’93, respectively.  The West held three big International events each year during the eighties, with the prestigious Mr Motocross series in the Eastern States the pinnacle for national riders.

During this era New South Wales riders Glen Bell, Stephen Gall, Craig Dack and Stephen Ashkenazi racked up a handful of National titles each.  

In earlier times, Ken Rumble (Vic), Ray Fisher (Vic) and Charlie West (WA) won the most Australian Championships in the 1950s to 1960s, with seven, seven, and six titles each, respectively.  Fisher and West too spent time racing in Europe.

The South Australians dominated the sidecar class for many years with Murray Williams winning nine titles in the 60s-70s and Barry Buckley eight in the 70s-80s.

australian motocross championship programs

Click on below links to view program contents

Western Australian Motocross Champions

Western Australia has had many champion riders over the years.  But on home soil, three riders stand out from the pack – Dale Britton (Rockingham), Graeme Smythe (Kalgoorlie), and Neville Cutts (Manjimup).

Dale Britton won 13 State titles (including two Junior titles)  and a National 125cc Championship in 1996.  He also represented Australia several times in the World Motocross des Nations.

Graeme Smythe competed at the highest level for almost two decades in the 1970-80s – winning 10 WA State titles and two National Championships and Neville Cutts won nine State titles, including three in the Restricted License Holders class for juniors.

In earlier times Glen Britza won seven  State titles, and was twice runner-up in the sidecars, along with two Kalgoorlie riders Ritchie Kings and Bill Watson.

Dale and Graeme were both inducted into the WA Motorcycling Hall of Fame in 2014 and 2015, respectively and Neville in 2017.  They joined the likes of top International Australian rider Jeff Leisk and other local champions Glen Britza, Richie Kings, Peter Nichol, Gordon Renfree, Bob O’Leary, John Rock  and Charlie West in this exclusive club.

Charlie West won six Australian Championships in the 50s-60s and at least three WA titles.  However, all the past results for that period are not available. 

Maybe you can help fill in any gaps.  Check out the WA Champions list below.

Dale Britton Australian Motocross Champion

Rockingham rider Dale Britton won 13 WA State Motocross championships in all solo classes in the 1980-90s, a National  125cc Title and represented  Australia in the World MX des Nations.

Graeme Smythe Australian Motocross Champion

Kalgoorlie-born Graeme Smythe competed in the WA State Motocross championships for more than 15 years in the 1970s-80s, dominating the 250cc, 500cc and Unlimited classes.  He also won two National  Titles .

New motocross videos

History of the Western Motocross Classic


Documentary of historic events or riders
(10 mins)

1984 Manjimup 15000 - Two Sidecar Races


Action video using your home videos and photos (3 mins)

Celebrating the Fanderlindens


Presentation using your still photos backed to music (3 mins)


Celebrate your motocross career with one of the above video packages

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west australian motocross programs

Click on below links to view program contents

west australian motocross programs - WITH NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL RIDERS

World Motocross Champions

1975-77 Gaston Rahier 125cc World Motocross Champion in Australia

Gaston Rahier  from Belgium won three World 125cc Motocross Championships between 1975 and 1977.  In 1975, he was the first reigning World Champion to race in Australia competing in various events across Australia, including the National Championships in  Sanford, Tasmania.

World Motocross des Nations

Motocross des Nations - Australian Team 1992

The Australian Team in the 1992 World Motocross des Nations team at Manjimup, Western Australia – Jason Marshall (500cc), Dale Britton (250cc) and Kim Ashkenazi (125cc).  Team USA took out this event  winning 13 consecutive times between 1981 to 1993.

World Sidecarcross Champions

World Sidecarcross Champion Emil Bollhalder

Reigning Swiss World Sidecarcross Champion Emil Bollhalder toured Australia in 1984.  

He competed at and won both the King of the Cross (Southern Cross) and  Western Classic (Noble Falls) events in Western Australia after competing in a host of other events across Australia.

World Supercross Champions

World AMA Australian Supercross Champion

Australia’s own Chad Reed is the record holder for most main event starts in AMA Supercross history.  He had 228 starts as of 2018, with his career spanning almost 20 years.  He won the World Championships in 2004 and 2008.

Most popular videos on this website
1 - Swingers Leisk and Gall
AMXH Author - John Steyntjes

AMXH Author, John Steyntjes
About the author and acknowledgments

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1992 MX des Nations Manjimup Western Australia

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Vale passing Australian motocross riders

This section pays tribute to past Australian Motocross Champions who have lost their lives, most through natural causes, but sadly others on the track who died doing what they loved most.   Email: AMXhiStory if you wish to feature other past champions.

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