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Steps in the process

How to create your own legacy video

Life and Times Video  specialise in creating legacy videos to capture family life stories and history to preserve for future generations.

I will help you create your own life film and have fun doing it.   We will plan it together and film in your favourite places or spots where you are comfortable.  Interviews flow like a casual conversation.  And after a short time, you will probably forget the camera is there.

It does not matter if you have never been on camera before.  I will make things as easy as possible and help you feel, look and sound natural.  I will ask guiding questions, so you will know all the answers! After all, you are talking about the subject you know best – yourself.  Remember, the videos are private.  So you have the final say on the content and who to share them with.

My editors will then professionally edit the footage, then delight you with a precious keepsake.  We include the most compelling moments and cut out the interview questions.  Then we weave in the best parts with your favourite photos and music.

The key steps

How to create a legacy video

The legacy video production process starts once you contact us and decide to create a legacy video.  We will go through the options together and provide a quote.   Once you agree on the Life and Times video package for you, we will go though these steps…


With your input, we will start planning your video production.  We will agree on your package and who you want to involve.  We will finalise the interview questions to suit the characters, relationships, lives and interests of those involved.  Then we will set the shooting locations and interview times.

Planning a family legacy video
Planning a family legacy video
Video shoot - cooking in the kitchen
Relaxing video shoots

The video shoot

We will come to you and set up our photographic equipment. So that you are at ease, interviews will be casual and arranged at a familiar place – doing what you enjoy.  Then we will roll the cameras and start the interviews.  We will ask guiding questions to prompt the interviewee to share relevant stories.  Interviews will be relaxing and flow like a casual conversation.  


We will find the most compelling moments and weave together the interviews, photos and music to suit.  You get to choose your favourite songs, photos and footage supplied.  You also get to review the film and suggest any changes.

Video editing
Professional video editing
Final product - USB fitted to frame
Final product - USB fitted to frame


The final video is recorded on a USB device, which can be played on a variety of devices.   So your time capsule is easy to find, it will be presented in a box frame with a USB stick fitted to the back.  Place it on your book shelf or in your household library so you can easily find it and watch it whenever you want.   You will also get an online link to share the Legacy video with your family and friends.

"Movie-making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal."
Life and Times Package Family Milestones
Family milestones package
Achievements Package
Achievements package
Love Stories package
Love stories package
Family history package
Family history package
Snapshots package
Snapshots package
Cindy Siano
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