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Family legacy videos

Family legacy videos

Create your own family legacy video.  Preserve your family’s legacy to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.

I will help you capture your family’s life stories or history on video.  Each features interviews in a casual familiar setting.  And photos of your favorite memories and music are blended in.

No medium has more impact than a video.  Compare still photos with the moving pictures and sound of people. 

Preserve your children’s smiles, voices and laughter forever.  Like a photo album, the videos will take you down memory lane.  Play them whenever you want or on special occasions.   

You decide on the content and who to share the video with.  Then we plan it together. 

It is your story.  Tell it with gusto.  I will do the rest.

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Cindy Siano, Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family history videos and I have heaps of experience from the tv and advertising industry.  I help people capture their family memories and stories on video to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Now I’m ready to tell your story.

Legacy video styles

Legacy videos are personal documentaries on motion film. They highlight one’s stories and successes and are known as “legacy” videos as they are handed down from an ancestor to preserve family history.  

They come in many styles.   But you can  tell your own story any way you like.  After all, it is yours.


Capture one’s family’s journey in life.  Firstly, Life Stories honor the events and people that shaped them.  Secondly, they are usually documentaries with long interviews.   But my videos are usually shorter, fun, and more creative.


Celebrate your achievements in life.  And these can be academic, sporting, your hobbies. Feature things that you love or took great pride in.  So create these at any stage in your life.


Recognise someone special.  Show your appreciation for their contribution to your family.  Gift this video for a coming milestone, retirement or when someone moves.


Acknowledge someone’s love and support.  Chip in to buy a Tribute video as a present.  They make the perfect gift for coming special milestones or occasions, where you can show them.

posthumous stories

Recreate memories of a loved one after they die.  Here I reflect on people’s character and key moments in life. I also weave in old photos, family films, interviews and their favourite music.

Tell your tale now