Preserve your family memories on video

Video life's precious moments to enjoy anytime, anywhere, for generations to come.

Want to capture family time capsules or get candid footage of your loved ones?
Are you keen to protect your memories, your story, or legacy before it is too late?
Would you like to preserve your family history?
Like to film a special family occasion?
Or, do you want to transform your own photos or videos into an amazing cinematic style film?

Well, I’m the woman for you.

"The ancient tradition of telling stories has been around for centuries. I am just bringing it back through my family legacy videos and the latest technology. Let me preserve the heart of your family story now!"
Cindy Siano
Life and Times Video, Perth - Family video producer

Make your past a present for the future

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PRESERVE YOUR FAMILY MEMORIES Build your digital family archive now and let me create an entertaining cinematic style video for you. 

Why sharing your life story is so important


Just as photographs fade over time, your memories can, too.  Capture them now while you can. As you get older, your health may impact your ability to document your past.


You probably do not realise it, but people closest to you are genuinely interested in learning about your past. And future generations will benefit from the details and experiences shared in your life story.


How do you want to be remembered? Will you become a forgotten face in an old photograph? Or do you want to take action now to preserve your beliefs, values and wisdom?

Video of a lifetime

Want to preserve your family’s smiles, voices, expressions and their infectious laughs forever?

I help families capture their family time capsules, life stories, history, or special events on video.

The elderly want to preserve their stories and family history.  But modern young families are now capturing their precious moments on video.  And others want to capture candid shots of or pay tribute to their loved ones.

Take snapshots of your life now.  Don’t miss out on the chance to film your children as they grow and give them this precious keepsake that they will cherish forever.

With the latest technology, you can view your family videos anytime and anywhere through your phone, tv or home theatre.   You can also show them on special occasions.  

Everyone now has hundred of photos and videos on their phones of their lives.  But are these backed up and can you easily find and view them when  you like?   I can capture your family stories or life events in a professional, short, fun video in weeks.  And the content will be engaging weaving in your family photos, blended with your favourite music. 

Compare still photos with the entertaining moving pictures and sound of people expressing themselves. There is no comparison.   Let me help you preserve your precious family moments on video now – before life changes. 

Testimonial and sample of my work

“Cindy was able to provide and capture on video a moment in time for our family.  And that was just priceless.  It was a significant time for us while all the family were still living together – a time we are never going to get back.  And now, we have this family video that we will look back on forever.  That’s a very beautiful gift.”  Geniene

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Legacy gifts - the gift that keeps on giving

Legacy videos are the perfect legacy gift and can have more meaning than other items when a loved one passes.  They are family keepsakes – keeping the vision and sound of your loved ones and their stories alive.  As the name suggests, “Legacy” videos are passed down to your children, grandchildren, and generations to come.  

Tribute videos and Testimonial videos are another style of legacy video acknowledging special people for their love and support, or contribution to a cause.  

Families usually chip in to share the costs for legacy videos.  They can be purchased for a coming special occasion and shown to guests.

You can even design your own style of video.  After all, it is your story.   Tell your tale now and preserve your favourite memories. 

Want to chat?

Cindy Siano Family Video Producer


I’m Cindy,  I produce professional family videos drawing on tv and advertising industry experience.  I help people capture time capsules of life’s precious moments and family history to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.  Take a snapshot of your family now.

My blog features amazing life stories and tips for those interested in preserving family history.

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Main reasons people don't tell their life story

When I meet people and tell them why I started Life and Times Video, most say “what a great idea”.  Then they either say “I wish I had captured my parents on video when I had the chance”, or “I’d love to pass my family history and stories to my children”.   Here are the main excuses people give me on what holds them back from telling their tales.

Through video, you only need a few hours.  Creating a Life Story video only takes weeks and the end product is amazing.

I can capture your story through a meeting, then guide you through an interview in a place where you feel comfortable.

But you can talk and talk about your life, favourite memories and places.  After all, it is your story.

Everyone has a unique story.  You may not think your life is special, but it will resonate with your family.

A family tree is not a life story.  It is a good starting point for family history, but it’s just a list of names, dates and places of your ancestors.

Tell your life story now on video before life changes.
I can help you create yours in hours, then present it to you within weeks.
Cindy Siano
Life and Times Video, Perth - Family video producer

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Causes I support

I am very lucky to have the life that I have, that’s why I like to give back to society.  These are the worthwhile causes I currently donate to.

Australia Cambodia Foundation
The UN Refugee Agency
The power to end poverty